Basic Bugout Bag

Essentials for every bugout bag

5/4/20232 min read

Basic Bugout Bag

When disaster strikes, you'll want to have a bugout bag ready to grab and go, if it is a "grab, get, & go" scenario. A bugout bag, or BOB, contains essential supplies to help you survive with minimal resources until order is restored; or more supplies can be acquired. An average length of time planned for is 3 days; some plan for 7 days. Every bugout bag should include, at minimum, the items below:

•Food rations for 3/7 days, depending upon your planned for duration: Pack non-perishable lightweight, high-energy foods like protein bars, nuts, and dried fruits. There is also a great selection of emergency foods that are lightweight, filling, and easy to prepare. Nobody wants to carry a bag full of canned goods.

•Water is a necessity, but not at all lightweight: We recommend having a portable supply of water already in containers and ready to grab at a moment's notice. Have at least one gallon of water per person per day, and pack water purification tablets as well in case you need to find additional water.

•Shelter and warmth: Include a lap/space blanket per person, emergency tent large enough to accommodate all in your household, waterproof matches/lighter, and weather-appropriate clothing.

•First aid kit: A well-stocked kit should have bandages, gauze, antiseptic, pain reliever, medical tape, scissors, and any important over-the-counter or prescription medicines.

•Tools: Pack a knife, camp shovel, hatchet, waterproof matches or lighter, flashlight, batteries, a basic toolkit, emergency blankets, duct tape, and sanitation zipties, and personal hygiene items.

•Important documents: It is imperative to include copies of personal identification for every person in your family, insurance papers, emergency contacts, and records of property ownership. We advise placing these in water/weatherproof containers or laminating them; both wouldn't be a bad idea.

•Entertainment: Pack books, games, puzzles or other recreational items, especially for children.

•Self defense: Let's face it, society can be cruel, especially in a crisis. Regardless of your choice of method, at least have a chosen method of self defense.

The joy of a bugout bag is you can fully customize it to your wants/needs. Be sure to research bags best for the purpose, there are many quality options available. It must be able to carry the load and provide comfort while doing so. Don't overload your personal capacity, nor that of your bag. The last thing you'll want to deal with in a crisis is fatigue or collecting your contents after the bag gives out.