Maintaining Morale

Tips to Stay Positive when SHTF

7/15/20232 min read

woman spreading arms near body of water
woman spreading arms near body of water

Maintaining Morale

In a serious SHTF situation, it can be incredibly difficult to maintain a positive attitude and keep morale up. When you are faced with the loss of utilities, shortages of food and water, lack of medical care, and general civil unrest that often occurs when society breaks down, it's easy to feel overwhelmed and give in to fear, anxiety, and depression. And, even if you don't give in to all these negative emotions during a crisis, others will, and you will need to avoid letting it rub off on you. However, cultivating a positive mindset is absolutely essential to surviving and thriving when SHTF. Here are some tips:

Focus on what you can control. In an emergency scenario, there are many things that will be out of your hands. Don't waste mental energy worrying about what you can't change - instead, zero in on the things within your control. This could be fortifying your home, organizing supplies, learning new skills, etc. Taking positive action is empowering. If you have a family, focus on what it will take to ensure their safety and loop them in on training and the general to-do list.

Look for the silver linings. Even in the bleakest situations, there are always things to be grateful for. Make it a habit to actively look for small positives, whether it's enjoying a cup of hot coffee, laughing with a friend, or watching the sunset. It is a mental health and science fact that counting your blessings boosts resilience.

Maintain routines. Establishing a sense of normalcy and keeping to routines as much as possible creates stability, especially for the younger or more sensitive family members. Regularly practice self-care, maintain meal schedules, and stick to your usual sleep cycles. Feeling structured and grounded wards off panic.

Support others. Helping others through encouragement, sharing supplies and knowledge boosts oxytocin and endorphins, increases bonds between group members, and creates purpose. Working together with others creates solidarity. Again, scientific fact, by practicing gratitude and making a regular practice of reflecting on all the things you appreciate - your health, knowledge, relationships, resources your overall mood will remain relatively positive. Gratitude shifts perspective from lack to abundance.

Release negativity. Make a conscious effort not to dwell on worst case scenarios, apocalyptic thoughts, or feelings of doom. When negative thoughts arise, take deep breaths and intentionally shift your mindset to something constructive. After all, we are preppers, right? This is the moment we've been prepping for. Focus on a plan to overcome and, you shall overcome. Just nurture optimism by reminding yourself that the situation is temporary, focus on goals, visualize yourself overcoming challenges. Optimism becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy

Find purpose by connecting to what motivates you - protecting your family, safeguarding your home, serving others, and surviving. Having a sense of meaning and purpose helps sustain you through trials. Staying positive when everything seems bleak takes mental strength and intention, but it could mean the difference between hope and despair. By actively cultivating optimism, gratitude, and purpose, you can withstand and prevail over any SHTF situation.

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