Portable Power

Portable Power Options: Pros and Cons

7/1/20231 min read

Portable solar power prepping camping off roading
Portable solar power prepping camping off roading

Portable Power Options: Pros and Cons for Every Prepper

As preppers, we know access to power sources is absolutely imperative in an emergency. Whether it's a grid down scenario due to natural disaster or cyber attack, alternative ways to generate electricity is a necessity to power your critical devices, such as refrigerators/freezers and air conditioners & medical devices. Portable power options provide a solution, allowing us to produce power on the go for these devices and equipment. Based on our experience here are some of the most viable options, along with pros and cons of each:

Solar: Solar panels and chargers are a great renewable option for generating power using the sun's energy.

Pros: Environmentally-friendly at the user level, unlimited source of power with many interchangeable options.

Cons: Dependent on sunlight, initial investment can be expensive, energy storage is needed for nighttime/cloudy days.

Generators: Gas-powered generators are a popular choice for portable power.

Pros: Reliable, high power output, fuel is easy to store. And, with the multi fuel technologies your options are greatly increased.

Cons: Requires fuel which can be scarce in emergencies, fumes can be hazardous, noise can draw unwanted attention.

Battery packs: Rechargeable lithium-ion battery packs store power for use when needed.

Pros: Many compact, lightweight, versatile options for use in the home or to toss in a backpack before hitting the trail.

Cons: Limited capacity, batteries degrade over time and with use, needs an external source to be recharged.

Hand crank generators: Manual hand crank generators convert physical motion into power.

Pros: Requires no fuel, inexpensive.

Cons: Labor-intensive, limited power output, not practical for powering higher end devices.

As with all aspects of emergency preparedness, redundancy is key. Whether prepping or off-roading having multiple portable power options, as well as the means to recharge and refuel them, will ensure that you have power no matter the situation. With the right portable power solutions and some practice, preppers can achieve complete energy independence and self-sufficiency. Thanks for reading, get prepped!