Sparks Will Fly

Why a Bugout Bag Isn't Complete Without a Fire Kit

7/19/20232 min read

bugout prepper fire kit shtf campfire
bugout prepper fire kit shtf campfire

You've packed your bugout bag with all the essentials - food, water, first aid supplies, tools, and more. But you can't quite spark up the campfire to celebrate just yet. Why? You haven't packed a proper fire-starting kit, so you might find yourself stranded in the wilderness unable to cook, stay warm, or even signal for help. Don't get burned - make sure your bugout bag is stocked with the fiery fundamentals.

A fire kit is crucial for any prepper planning to bug out into the unknown, or even the hiker out for a leisurely woodland stroll. Fire provides light, warmth, protection, morale, and a means to purify water and cook food. It can even act as a rescue signal. Without the ability to start a fire, you might as well kiss your bugout plans goodbye.

Let's ignite a list of what your fire kit should contain:

  • Waterproof matches: These will light even in wind or rain. Stored in a waterproof case they will be there when you need them.

  • Lighter: Choose a durable windproof lighter for wet conditions. As the special forces say "Two is one, one is none" so pack a spare, too.

  • Fire steel: This magnesium rod will throw sparks galore onto even damp tinder. You can also grab some magnesium shavings, as these will be easier to use when the hands are shivering, or when you're just in a hurry to get a fire lit.

  • Tinder : Good options include wax-coated cotton balls, petroleum jelly-soaked cotton balls, or commercial tinder. This is a wise addition, as you never know when you'll have tinder.

  • Kindling : Gather pencil-sized twigs, wood shavings, bark, grass, or anything else that ignites easily to make a small kindling bundle for your kit.

  • Fire starter cubes: These compressed wood pulp cubes burn long and hot. Trioxane fire tabs are a great addition, too.

  • Candle stubs: Great for lighting tinder and kindling.

  • Fire paste: This petroleum jelly and sawdust mix ignites easily, even when wet. With a plethora of brands available, you'll have no problem finding one you prefer.

Don't get burned by the elements. With a fire starting kit in your bugout bag, you'll be ready to spark up and enjoy warmth, light, and cooked food no matter what comes your way. Experiment with various combinations of listed components, as well as get creative with your own additions! Just don't get so distracted watching the flickering flames that you forget to keep an eye out for zombies!

Get lit, my friends. Your survival depends on it. Thanks for reading! Get prepped!