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Comms For When the Poop Hits the Propeller

7/21/20232 min read

prepper ham radio bugout comms
prepper ham radio bugout comms

It's the end of the world as we know it, and you feel fine because you planned ahead. While the unprepared masses wander the streets trying to get a signal on their dead smartphones, you sit smugly in your bunker chatting with your fellow preppers thanks to your arsenal of backup communication devices. When the poop hits the propeller, you'll still be connected!

Let's review the best methods for keeping the lines of communication open when SHTF:

Ham Radio - Don't let the tech lingo dissuade you, ham radios are serious business. Their long range and durability make them the gold standard for SHTF comms. Ranging from handgheld to massive base stations, there is an option for every person's needs. Just make sure you get your license first unless you want a visit from the FCC.

CB Radio - "Break 1-9 for a radio check" was commonplace lingo among mainstream society in the 80's, and still is among some circles. CB radio is a favorite among many outdoors enthusiasts, overlanders, as well as preppers, as it is a reasonably priced and not so difficult to learn option backup comms option.

Walkie Talkies - Handheld radios are super handy (see what I did there?) for short range communication. Just clip to your tactical vest, belt, or shirt and you can easily coordinate supply runs and perimeter defense with your group. Pro tip: make sure everyone is using the same privacy codes. Don't need outsiders listening in!

Carrier Pigeons - Laugh all you want, but birds got us through WWII and they'll get us through the zombie apocalypse. Plus they make great snacks when rations run low. Just kidding...or am I?

Smoke Signals - They worked for many indigenous populations on several continents for several centuries, and they'll work for you when you need to broadcast a message far and wide without power. Sure, they're not private, but everyone needs to know when the raiders are coming. Just be ready for some confused responses.

Two Soup Cans and String - The budget backup communication system. Perfect for staying in touch between your main bunker and the latrine. Just be sure to thoroughly sanitize those cans after each use.

However you decide to stay in touch after civilization collapses, the key is having multiple redundant systems in place. What good is your fancy HAM radio when the battery dies? Or your cell network hot spot when the network is down? Build in backups to your backups and you'll have solid comms when you need them most.

Stay safe out there folks. And if you need me, I'll be the one talking into the soup cans. Let's keep the conversation going! Thanks for reading. Get Prepped!