Why Train and Practice

Reasons to Run Drills

7/14/20231 min read

prepper training emergency preparedness blog
prepper training emergency preparedness blog

As a fellow preppers, we completely agree that practicing and preparing for emergencies is absolutely crucial, because knowing how to do it is just as, if not more, important than knowing it needs to be done. Training is essential to survival. Below you will find a few key reasons why emergency preparedness drills and procedures are so important:

  • Drills help identify weaknesses and gaps in emergency plans. Going through practice scenarios will reveal places for improvement, as well as allowing you to cutout the unnecessary. You will discover issues or lack of coordination that may not be apparent just looking at plans on paper, allowing you to improve and refine your strategies.

  • They build muscle memory and skills. The more we rehearse emergency protocols, the more likely we are to react quickly, appropriately and effectively when a real crisis hits. Practice makes perfect!

  • They reduce panic and confusion. When everyone knows their roles and responsibilities during an emergency, there is less chaos. Drills help ensure that responses become second nature.

  • They validate equipment and systems. Testing emergency equipment like backup generators or communications systems regularly is the only way to ensure they will function as intended during a real emergency.

  • They improve morale and confidence. When groups practice together, it builds team cohesion and boosts confidence that they can handle adversity. Knowing what to do in a crisis is comforting.

  • They identify resource gaps. Exercises may reveal where additional equipment, supplies or training are required to boost emergency preparedness. Better to discover gaps in a drill than during an actual incident!

In short, preparedness drills save lives and property. They are an essential part of our own emergency planning and training regimen as a preppers. Consistent practice makes all the difference when lives are on the line. Preparedness equals peace of mind. Thanks for reading. Get Prepped!